Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why not to have quota based voting?

This issue popped up in my mind some time back when I heard our new HRD minister Dr. Kapil Sibal talk about having quotas for OBCs in private institutions. It’s not that I was amazed at this U-Turn by Mr. Sibal on the issue of quotas (He was one of the few from government to criticize Arjun Singh’s quota policy.). I have understood by now that you can never trust a politician. But this news item triggered a thought in my mind that when the government is keen to divide the society on the basis of castes, as opposed to what it SHOULD be doing, why doesn’t it allocate a quota to the voting as well?

Here’s a proposition for quota-based voting in India. Let’s have 27% quota for OBCs, 33% for women, 15% for SCs, 10% for Muslims, 5% for Christians and 5% for others. Remaining 5% might be allocated to the General Category but only if Mr. Sibal and his government think that GC are intelligent enough to chose a government. If they decide to move ahead with their existing argument that GC people have EXCESSIVE advantage over other castes and categories of people, they might take away this Extra-ordinary right as well.

But just imagine what will happen after this quota allocation. 27% of the whisky bottles for elections will be distributed among OBCs leading to nation-wide strikes by SCs to increase their quota. The Election Commission of India will issue a charge-sheet against Mr. Lallu for exceeding the quota of SCs and OBCs in his rallies. Mayawati will be awarded the “Best Politician” award for showing most respect towards the quota system and the quickest implementation in her state. Mulayam will be put behind bars for having 25% muslims in his party against the quota of 10%. And BJP will be banned for defying the entire Quota regime. Congress will still remain the Most Secular Party in India with strict adherence to quotas.

So, while the GC citizens will be downgraded to third-class citizens, India will develop as the Most Secular Nation on the planet with Quotas for everyone.



  1. I just wish Communism makes a revive and democracy goes down deep into the shit or some mad dictator takes over orders the execution of all of those whom claim they are not the 'General' people. Who consider themselves special must be given some special treatment.

  2. Quota systems are going to be the downfall of our society. When they were first introduced, they were supposed to be interim measures.

    Nice post :)

  3. it is true that the quota is probabily misunderstood by the massess although the philosophy of quota is very sensible & necessary to work upon.
    Quota according to me should not be given on the basis of cast but should be given on the basis of economic capabilities.
    further if u want to provide quota, spend that money to educate the dalits, muslims etc whom u think deserve quota.
    there are the people who r doing well in minorities too & vice versa. will you provide quotas to them too.

    it is insane. just political gimmick.

    having said that, i still feel that the minorities who are living withh us deserve to come to at our level ASAP, and for that we have to give them some relaxation to achieve that level.
    otherwise we can pen down these articles n no. of times but situation wd not improve