Friday, March 13, 2009

No Criminals Please!!!

A brilliant campaign by Times of India- LeadIndia, has forced me to tell you people about it. For long period now, we've been crying about the fate of India whose administration is governed by a group of criminals, black-marketeers, uneducated but cunning politicians. But when was the last time when we realised that the reason for this entire thing was none other than we ourselves? Had we opted to vote for the right person, or atleast to vote, the situation would've been entirely different. I am really amazed to find that all political parties have been tying to vow the youth power this time and this was predicted atleast 5-10 years back that India will be a nation of youth by 2010. This clearly signifies that the youth of this country have to take up the responsibility now to take this nation ahead of all the other super-powers of the world. And that's possible only if our policies are in place which in turns depends upon the people who formulate them.
As the campaign has put it very rightly that we don't expect the political parties to put up statesmen to govern us but the least they can do is to prevent criminals from entering the politics. I don't know about other parts of the country, but my state Punjab has a tainted chief minister and deputy chief minister and I'm very ashamed of this. These crorepatis have accumulated so much of wealth using corrupt means and methods. But still we vote for them and never care about how they create the policies for our benefit and development. It's high time that we wake up and let them know that they don't deserve to be our representatives any more.
I urge everyone of you to be a part of this campaign and spread the word to everyone around you.
Every Vote Counts!

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